COVID Business Engagement Team (CBET)

Governor Raimondo and Health Director Nicole Alexander-Scott have asked the Tech Collective to help ensure that state government and RI’s businesses are aligned around COVID testing and re-opening plans.   

In partnership with Governor Gina Raimondo’s Office and the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, the Tech Collective has formed the COVID Business Engagement Team (CBET), a volunteer task force that is reaching out to local business owners to gather information and identify a primary COVID point of contact;  

  • Identify each company’s primary COVID testing point of contact. 
  • Review important business centered COVID safety and health guidelines. 
  • Collect information on each company’s plans for testing and reopening. 
  • Review outbreak response plans.  
  • Determine if each company has classified their employees as low, medium, or high risk. 
  • Aggregate data on companies’ testing plans. 

Member companies on the CBET volunteers, who are also local business leaders, are developing a data aggregate and technology enablement platform to assist with outreach, expediently track outreach efforts, and centralize information that is captured. The information that is compiled about each business’ testing strategy will be narrowly distributed within the CBET but not shared publicly except in aggregate. The State, Commerce Corporation and Tech Collective will leverage the information collected to spot trends across industries, pinpoint ways in which employers need more help, and identify how best to align state COVID efforts and resources with the needs of Rhode Island companies.  

The task force will leverage a multi-pronged communications approach, routinely reaching out to business owners through a series of surveying, calling and emailing efforts. While new COVID testing information becomes available almost every day, it’s imperative to keep business leaders informed so they can re-open and stay open. The CBET will allow for the rapid dissemination of critical information to business leaders as it becomes available.  

“We need your help!” says Ken Brindamour, State Director of RI COVID Testing, “It is critical that the State and our businesses work together to reopen the economy safely. Our CBET team is here to help us understand your needs, and help you navigate possible solutions.”  

The Tech Collective has assembled volunteers from its membership community and includes representatives from the following companies: Aqueduct Technologies, Blackburn Labs, Bridge Technical Talent, Carousel Industries, CE Tech, Envision Technology Advisors, HCH Enterprises, NetCenergy, Nunez Co, QuickBase, Trilix and Vertikal6.  

We’re proud of the many Tech Collective members that have volunteered for the COVID Business Engagement Team!

Please leave your name and contact information and one of our CBET volunteers will reach out to you within 48 hours.

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